My name is Anastasiya Ty but mostly known by Plum Suicide anywhere online so if you wondering who i am just google it!

  • Alternative Model 
  • Suicide Girl 
  • Photographer 
  • Youtuber 
  • Self taught MUA.

24y.o Ukrainian that moved away from her country at 9y.o to Portugal for new beginnings and better life! I've studied Arts & Photography as my High school Degree and after i graduated and didn't really know what life will bring on i decided that Portugal was no longer a place for my creativity to flow, so i moved away again...

...this time London, UK.

A few months after i did, i smashed my ankle skate boarding and had the worst 4 months getting back into life and getting my head around what happened, i got metal in my ankle btw, so I'm partially a cyborg ahaha

So anyway, won't bore you with random details, i've also had a pretty shitty rest of that same year so i kinda wanted to give up and go back home, but then life turned around and i met my BF, who btw is the most supportive person other EVER, so i fell for him head over heels and moved together after 3 months dating(we still together after almost 2.5years).

So now i live in a small town 45mins south on a train outside London, sometime travel there and back for shoot and leisure! (so yes you may see me, and if you do come say HI!!! i really don't bite)


If you still have questions don't hesitate to shoot them over to me anytime, or visit my IG page for more stuff about life! (it's just at the end of this page)

TONS of love, your always, PLUM xx